XRD-Tools s.r.l.

XRD-Tools s.r.l. was registered in April 2004 as academic spin off from five departments of the Pisa University (Physics, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Electric Systems and Automation, Material Engineering, Earth Science) as a follow up from the interdisciplinary research results for the “On-site X-ray Diffraction” applications. Founded by Giovanni Berti, researcher and professor at the Earth Science department of Pisa University, chief of the European group CEN/TC138/WG10, the team includes Francesco De Marco co-researcher since ten years, and Silvano Aldrighetti, expert on mechanical and electrical precision components applications, entered since 2007. A number of trainees and temporary co-operators are part of the staff company. 

XRD-Tools was the winner of the Start-up Award–company project. XRD-Tools performs in the frame of Non Destructive Testing methods on components in labs or on site, having any dimensions, weight and shape. These technologies are implemented into the robotic function of DifRob®. 

The XRF group is operating at the Earth Science department of University of Pisa since more than thirty years with wide experience gained mainly in Petrography and Miner-alogy. Several methods, standard specimens and technical procedures have been developed by the group and recently updated.