FEI Visualization Sciences Group

FEI Visualization Sciences Group is a leading provider of scientific and industrial multimodal data analysis workflows, offering powerful software applications ranging from advanced 3D data visualization, quantification and simulation digital solutions.

FEI Visualization Sciences Group is the provider of Avizo® 3D analysis software, the virtual materials characterization lab for understanding materials structures and properties of e.g. porous media, metals and alloys, fibrous materials, and composites.

Avizo is a comprehensive, multimodality software solution to characterize material properties and structures. It provides an extensive toolbox for advanced visualization, reconstruction of 3D models, image processing, segmentation, registration, fusion and quantification, image-based solvers, and geometric pre-processing for Finite Element Modeling or Pore Network Modeling. The Avizo environment allows you to integrate data from multiple sources into a single environment from which you can seamlessly analyze 2D and 3D multimodality data.;