RayScan Technologies GmbH

RayScan Technologies GmbH is a leading CT-manufacturing company, facing technical challenges, partly in form of system specific innovations, partly in first-time accomplishment of completely new applications and evaluation of specifically designed systems and testing concepts. RayScan Technologies GmbH is an independent company in Germany owned by the management and private investors. 

The latest developments are RayScan systems for industrial cone beam tomography (3D-CT) and fan beam tomography (2D-CT) of outstanding performance. RayScan has been the first X-CT system developer using high precision granite manipulators as used by CMMs. Its speciality is the high level of system integration and optimization supported by its own hardware and software development department. Besides X-CT systems, radioscopic systems and automatic analysis software for fully automatic manufacturing control have been developed. Several times RayScan has proven its ability to develop specialized X-CT systems which solve completely new demands. The latest success was a mobile X-CT system for the inspection of the closed accelerator ring LHC at CERN.

With regard to the project RayScan will allocate specialists who have in total more than 50 years of experience in development of advanced X-ray inspection systems and computed tomography.